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How to Setup Google Analytics 4 in WordPress

Adam Preiser shows you how to switch to the new Google Analytics 4 and how to add it to your WordPress website.

In this video, Adam Preiser from WPCrafter shows you how to setup Google Analytics 4 and how to add it to your WordPress site before you lose your important data.

A new version of Google Analytics was introduced in October 2020. It bridges the gap between web and mobile analytics and requires a new type of property – Google Analytics 4 property (formerly known as a Web + App property) to record data.

The new Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics or plan on using Google Analytics, this video below is very important because there’s a new version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4) and you have to add a new Analytic code to your WordPress website to switch over to it.

“This is URGENT so you’re going to want to do that today!”

If you have logged into your Google Analytics account in the past week or so, you’ll see a big blue banner at the top of the page announcing the brand new Google Analytics.

How to Setup Google Analytics 4

But what it doesn’t tell you, you need to switch over before the switch so you won’t lose your old data. Google also doesn’t show you how to setup Google Analytics 4 if you use WordPress.

In other words, what you’re using right now is completely going away. It’s not going to be improved or developed any longer.

Here’s an entire article by Google on what the new Google Analytics is and here’s a really good article on Search Engine Land that explains that Google Analytics 4 is the future of analytics.

New reporting structure organized by the user lifecycle

Google Analytics 4 New Reporting
Google Analytics 4 new reports. Image source: Google.

The New Google Analytics 4 property provides a more complete cross-channel view of the customer lifecycle and puts that information to use with predictive marketing features, providing marketers with more information and efficient ways to act on those insights.

After the switch, Google Analytics 4 will be the default option when you set up a new property. The previous version will continue to remain available, but Google recommends site owners set up both property types and run them in parallel.

New feature development will be focused only on GA4.


Your data is NOT going to convert over when GA4 finally becomes the default option. So in this video above, Adam is going to show you how to setup Google Analytics 4 so you can start using Google Analytics Version four on your WordPress website to start capturing this new data and he’ll go over some strategies for cutting over to the new Google Analytics.


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