From Dance Instructor to a 7 Figure Business Owner

Jeff Learner chats with Stacy Tuschl on how she transitioned from the brick & mortar realm of entrepreneurship to the digital world.

7 Figure Business Owner Stacy Tuschl founder of The Foot Traffic podcast and The Foot Traffic Formula digital program on today’s Jeff Lerner’s Millionaire Secrets podcast.

Stacy is an interesting guest because she’s transitioned from the brick & mortar realm of entrepreneurship to the digital one.

And she’s made millions in both!

Her journey into the business world started just as she was ending college.

Stacy always had a passion for teaching dance. Her love for it stretched so far that she actually taught dance classes for free at her parent’s home.

What started out with a class of 17 students soon turned into a booming school of 100 where she was still teaching for free.

Although Stacy was lucky. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and one day her parents took her aside and they told her there was a great business opportunity staring in her face and Stacy’s first dance studio was born.

It didn’t take long before one studio became two and right now it has become a 7 figure business.

And shortly after that…

She took her first steps into the online business world. Stacy now teaches other brick and mortar business owners how to make the transition from the real world to the digital world.

In the second half of Jeff Lerner’s video podcast, Jeff and Stacy really dig into the importance of video for success in digital business in 2020.

Stacy started podcasting in 2015 and she is grateful for so many opportunities that have come her way thanks to

…putting herself out there.

Stacy says…

“Putting myself out there, facing my demons – as a shy and introverted character – is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. It’s given me so many opportunities.”

If you’re not getting on camera. If you’re not adapting to video in 2020 and beyond…

…then you’re missing out big time!


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Carl Kmetz
Founder of eBiz Nation, Carl has been a website developer, digital marketer and, SEO strategist since 2004 helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business on the Internet.


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